Seven Step Problem Solving Model

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The statistical tools help us make data-based decisions at various points throughout the model.

The group problem-solving skills help us draw on the benefits of working as a team.

Before we begin a discussion about the steps of the problem-solving model, we should talk a little about the philosophy that good problem solvers have about problems.

Here are a number of ideas that are part of the philosophy.

b) When things keep going wrong no matter how hard everyone tries.

c) When everyone believes that there is a problem to solve.

All too often, people jump from a problem to a solution.

And it is often a solution that is short-lived or creates numerous other problems within the organization.

The first step in the model is to define the problem; it does not matter if it is late shipments, stock outs, computer downtime, typos, lost messages, or an agreed upon "red bead" that everyone keeps running into.

Before you can solve the problem, you must truly understand what it is.


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