Short Essay On Autobiography Of A Road

Short Essay On Autobiography Of A Road-36
At that time I looked fresh and beautiful as all other beings who are young, but, at that time I was of course not so imposing.This is what I have seen about life that, every stage has something good about it.

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With time, I learnt how to open the bottom door of the refrigerator.

I opened it easily with one of my front limbs and stole fish, meat, butter, cheese, milk and some other foodstuff.

Here on the platform people sit and say their prayers and relax.

At times they also consume their temple prasad while sitting on this platform.

I am a tree, tall and imposing, standing all alone near the campus of a temple.

My life is ever so interesting as, I see a huge spectrum of society, funny gestures of people, and hear all kinds of conversation of the devotees who pass by me. As is true of all living beings I was also a long time back, a young sapling with this huge tree within me.

This is why there is so much hype about me and my kin.

As I stand here, near a temple, I never ever feel lonely I get all sorts of company throughout the day, so, where is the scope of feeling lonely.

As I started growing up bigger and bigger, the temple authorities put a two feet wall like boundary around my trunk.

This was done to protect me from being destroyed by crowds who thronged to me.


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