Skills In Critical Thinking

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They were early readers so we wanted to reinforce their abilities with a structured program that we could continue for years. Doo Riddles were excellent products to jump start our children into formalized learning.

And the best part is that they were having FUN while learning!

Last year I began to work directly with some of our students after school. Test scores went up even after the first few months we used the program.

I'm totally sold on the program and will be ordering it for my school.

I cannot imagine homeschooling without their products and support." - Liseetsa, OH "We have been using Building Thinking Skills® for years and have found them invaluable in providing students with the mental tools they need to be enthusiastic learners." - Katherine, Ratanakiri, Cambodia "Students who are still acquiring English face a lack of background knowledge in English and the skills necessary to process the new information.

Building Thinking Skills® has helped me meet both these challenges, and I have test scores and happy faces to back this up." - Britta, ESL Department, Tucson, AZ would help them perform better on standardized and state tests.Besides providing excellent educational material, The Critical Thinking Company™ has incomparable customer service.They have helped me order the appropriate products, install the software, and been a continuous source of encouragement throughout the years.When I was homeschooling my own children a few years back, we went through the Building Thinking Skills® series and I was very impressed with the results.I would very much like to offer the same benefit to the struggling students in our school."" - Anita, Marion, IA "Don't miss out on these books.Students don't get bored or discouraged when they are presented work which matches their ability level." - Stacey Hunter Schwartz, Ph. Dean "The Building Thinking Skills® series is probably the most basic, comprehensive resource for thinking skills at all levels." - Cathy Duffy, Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manual, Greensboro, NC "I have twins who have always done above-average work but have never tested anywhere near the top.We did an intensive study of Building Thinking Skills® in the weeks before they tested.Now she`s a college senior in honors classes and I`m so glad I got her started with you as early as I did.She`s maintained her scholarship and her standing in a very competitive program." - Jane, Royal Palm Beach, FL "I have two children with dyslexia who have both done fine academically, and we owe a good part of that success to the work they've put in throughout the years with Building Thinking Skills®." - Paula Scholtz, Braintree Education Center, TX "My daughter is very bright and has a neurological learning disability.If you purchase just one supplementary book this year, this is the one to get." - Peggy Zorn, Harvest Home Educators Newsletter, Bedford, GA "The ability to think clearly and to reason are equally as important as the ability to read or to write....[W]e have found the Building Thinking Skills® books to be the best of the various critical thinking products available." - Ellen, Crossville, TN "If you're a parent who doesn't have this book, you need to get it.My daughters love to do Building Thinking Skills®, even my daughter who doesn't like to think.


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