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If it didn’t, then try out method 2 which is flushing DNS.Usually windows installs extra connections even if you never use them.A new window will pop up, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then click Properties again.

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You can also try to connect a second device like a tablet or someone else’s laptop either wirelessly or wired to your network.

Now try to browse that particular website and check if you still get the DNS Server Not Responding or DNS Server Unavailable error.

The DNS servers used above are Google DNS server addresses but you can also pick any other free DNS server from this list if you don’t want to use Google’s DNS server.

Now try to connect to your internet and browse the websites that you were getting error to see if the problem is solved.

But you can fix this problem easily by following the methods given below.

Before trying anything complex, let’s do some basic tasks to narrow down the problem.At this point we will change the physical address of the computer.Go to Windows Start menu and type in cmd in the search box and hit Enter.Then in the Preferred DNS Server field type in and in the Alternate DNS Server field type in then check Validate Settings Upon Exit box and click OK. This will change the DNS servers on only the computer.If you are using internet on a mobile using a router then you can check out this post on how to change DNS servers on routers.While trying to browse the internet you may have encountered the error that says, DNS Server is Not Responding.It may also show up with the websites name along with the message ‘Server DNS Address Could Not be Found.’ Though it is not a very common problem but it occurs once in a while when the DNS server that translates a domain name doesn’t respond for any reason.You can also find the network connections by navigating to Start Change Adapter Settings.Now you will see all the connections that you are either using or not.But it’s best to have only the one connection that you use regularly and remove the other connections so that they can’t cause any kind of connection issue.If there are any other connections that you are not currently using, then you need to disable them.


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