Solving Addition Problems

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There are also versions where students subtract 10 and 100 down a number line, too.

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There’s no one right way to use the model, as long as the student can explain his or her thinking.

The models (or drawings) merely give students a tool to explain their thinking on paper or with manipulatives.

In this activity, students are practicing how to add up, starting at the smallest number and figuring out who tot get to the larger number by jumping to the friendly numbers.

This student started at 19, jumped to 20, then made jumps of 10 to 60 and made a jump of 3. The above are a few examples from my Two-Digit Addition Math Stations.

This is a whiteboard sheet that we go through daily.

The number line at the bottom helps students solidify their understanding of both how to use a number line and how “make 100 or make 1000”. In this activity, students practice making jumps of 10 and 100 up a number line.My students needed more direct practice with number lines and making jumps, despite all of our whole group practice.So, I gave them the directions and students followed them on the number lines.We do use real foam blocks in class, but I try to move away from them as quickly as possible. Students will always have pencil and paper to solve problems, but they won’t always have manipulative available to them. I don’t mind spending the time on them, for students who need them, but I also want to push students toward more efficient tools.Here are a few examples of how we use base-10 blocks: The above two are using base-10 blocks by drawing out the tens as “sticks” as we refer to them in our classroom.Are you interested in a free sampler of some of my Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction Products?are how the strategies are organized on paper so that students can explain or see the strategy.Second grade is a very important year where students develop fluency with two-digit addition and subtraction.It is the year that we work on a multitude of addition and subtraction strategies that students can use to solve problems.I like to label them with students’ names as an easy reference.That way, we can refer to Samantha’s strategy when solving a problem.


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