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The stage looked elegant with sprinkles of colorful lights.

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The tonal variation by the instruments practically exuded my excitement as the song progressed.

As the melody either went on a crescendo or on a decline, my mood seemed to vary too.

Generally, the song managed to evoke audience emotions by use of dynamic change (Stein and Spillman 45).

Subjective reactions to the music The performance was extremely captivating and strongly provoked my emotions.

The second performance which involved the same group was characteristically fused with intermittent pauses that were accompanied by round of applause from the crowd.

Voice and tonal variations ruled the song from the beginning to the end.Also very frequent was changes from long notes to short notes, which rhymed with the rhythmic variations (Stein and Spillman 45).At times, specific pattern of notes seemed to change gradually while other times they changed suddenly and unexpectedly.It was written by Amparito Roca and first performed in Wind Symphony Theater.The instruments comprised of a high pitched sounding consonance which was set at a peaceful mood in the introductory stage of the song (Stein and Spillman 45).The steady rhythm seemed to start getting higher and higher till the peak of the song.At this particular moment, the song dynamics stated getting louder letting all the instruments converge at the peak with a round pound, only to revert to a moderate level and finally into conclusion (Stein and Spillman 45).My reaction was also significantly influenced by other audience who were overtly expressing their feelings.Incidentally, though the performance was superb, the experience could have been even better if the performers could have engaged in more bodily performance.During the loudest pitch which was accompanied by variation of instrumentation, I became more attracted to the performance; and felt explicitly involved.At times, I accompanied the crescendo with my own applause and ululation.


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