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Her special dress, which she wore for the fantastic festivity, is also a mask behind which Matilda can hide.Long after the ball has ended, Matilda, wanting to latch onto the image she has made for herself, remains "in her evening gown" (301).Nevertheless, sometimes trying too hard ultimately separates one from her goal, and in the process, loses all that she knows to be familiar and comfortable.

As she sits, prematurely aged, before her window, she is not thinking of how vain and silly she had been as a young woman; she is daydreaming about how lovely and glamorous the Minister's party had been, "of that ball where she was so beautiful and so flattered" (303). Conclusion But now, after ten years of toil, "she had become a strong, hard woman" (303). In the end, although she is a "crude woman of the poor household," she is finally in harmony as she admits, "I am decently content" (303).

For the first time in her life, Matilda has had her fill; she is satisfied.

The short story, The Necklace, by Guy De Maupassant, teaches a valuable lesson, which is apparent in the theme, through the plot and its characters. Loisel, are a middle-class couple in the late 19th century, in Paris, France. Loisel is a clerk at the Ministry of Public Instructions. Loisel is a very unhappy wife, bothered by the fact that her husband does not have the funds for luxuries such as fancy curtains, rugs, furniture, and jewels.

Most people, who believe to have misfortune, often look at others as "having it all." The idea that others have it all, and are more fortunate than one self, is demonstrated in this story. "She suffered incessantly when she glanced around her humble home and felt the absence of all those delicacies and luxuries which are enjoyed only by the rich" (59).

When the couple is invited to a very prestigious party at the palace, Mme. "...a superb necklace of diamonds, and her heart began to beat with an immoderate desire. She fastened it around her throat, outside her high necked dress, and remained lost in ecstasy at the sight of herself"(61). The couple searches everywhere, but finally gives in to purchasing a new one, worth 36 thousand francs.

Loisel does not receive the invitation with contentment; instead, she gets upset because she does not have a dress or acceptable jewelry to wear. Loisel provides all the means necessary for his wife to buy a decent dress and convinces her to ask a friend, Mme. She borrows a beautiful necklace from her generous friend. She makes quite an impression at the palace, but the joy does not last for much longer. The Loisel's do not have the means to pay this amount of money, so they have to borrow as much as possible.

Not only does she use her gown to veil her true self from the prosperous people at the party, but she also wants to grasp onto the fantasy, that she, too, is wealthy, for as long as possible.

It was not until ten years later that Matilda had come to terms with reality, finally having removed all of the masks, which concealed her genuine self.

This paper illustrates that the theme “is a representation of the idea behind the story… For “The Necklace” the theme is, therefore, a story about discovering that wanting material things beyond what one could actually afford could bring incomprehensibly disastrous consequences.

This was discovered by the main character, Loisel Rampouneau, an ordinary wife of a clerk in the Department of Education, as her simple and austere life turned into a remorsefully arduous journey.


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