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This epic work, penned by an excessively talented playwright, was picked up by the newly-formed National Theatre and premiered onstage in 1964.

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Rather, it’s a reimagining of history, which maneuvers two powerful figures into a clash of opposing ideals.

The year was 1531, when the conquistador Francisco Pizarro – a bastard in every sense of the word, considered by some to rank among the most evil men in human history – landed with a force in Perú, seeking riches and reputation.

The Royal Hunt of the Sun presents Pizarro and Atahuallpa as foils to each other, as two great men who face each other across opposite sides of history and morality.

The story told is not one of a ruthless conqueror exploiting and murdering a hostage, but of a bond forged between two kindred spirits and the grim redemption it grants.

This course examines major issues of the indigenous cultures from the territories that were found by Europeans in 1492, became Spanish America for 300 years and were later called “Latin America.” In this course we explore the development of native societies of Latin America prior to 1492 and what happens with these societies in the next 500 years.

Readings and discussions focus mainly on indigenous narratives.The Spanish army answered with an ambush, slaughtering the unarmed Incas and capturing their ruler.John Everett Millais, Pizarro Seizing the Inca of Peru, 1846.Alonzo Chappel, Execution of the Inca of Peru by Pizarro.Later, Pizarro’s page Pedro reported that the threat of attack had been a false rumour, and that Pizarro suffered greatly after discovering that Atahuallpa’s execution had been prompted by a mistake (2).Run time: Originally 121 minutes, but only 96 minutes in most available releases.Quotes: Quotations from the film are listed here; the play script is also widely available. Starring: Robert Shaw as Francisco Pizarro, Christopher Plummer as Atahuallpa.Rather, The Royal Hunt of the Sun presents a dramatic meditation upon faith, death, and love, with some mountains and swordfights thrown in along the way. into expecting a sort of Peruvian Gone With the Wind – saw this non-epic epic. Only Young Martin is retained for the film; he appears as an idealistic youth, who has studied chivalry with a nigh-religious fervour and believes wholeheartedly in the glory of war that Pizarro seems to embody.And I can only imagine the disappointment in theatres, when moviegoers – probably led by really! Even the film’s press book seemed dutifully but wanly enthused, describing the story with unappealing taglines like “a mental duel with no winners” – hardly high praise, since the same phrase could apply to a Senate debate on C-SPAN. And for some reason, this untitled, insignificant boy is present in a royal audience hall, standing with a group of assembled petitioners who all await the king’s arrival.The two works share illegitimacy, power, and religion as important themes, and both feature a deeply troubled man who takes out his family issues on pagan “savages” and then tries to prove something by killing a god-man.Drinking game: I’d suggest saving drinks for a convivial post-film discussion, but here are three rules to guide those who insist otherwise: (a) Drink every time someone mispronounces a Spanish word, especially “Veedor” (Estete’s title of Overseer, which the actors rhyme with “Seymour”), (b) any time illegitimacy is referenced and/or the word “bastard” used, and (c) whenever Atahuallpa gestures or vocalizes like a non-human creature (with two shots if you can identify the particular bird or animal he’s mimicking).


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