Thesis On Venture Capital Financing

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known business models (Point Nine Capital) or known market vs.promising business models (Berliner Volksbank Ventures). Some investors add a third dimension around “value-add”: They only invest in companies where they know they can either be a customer (Santander Inno Ventures), help with public relations or marketing (Dv H, Project A) or can support operationally with experienced investors from their investment team (Speed Invest).

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Implicitly, most investors do this: There is only a limited number of markets or business models any given VC understands based on own experience.

Investments are made either in the combination of promising markets vs.

As David Rosskamp puts it: “Deductive thesis investing starts with a vision of the future.

The investor will formulate a narrative of a target industry’s development and map out the individual elements that will be needed to spur that narrative.”The process normally starts with intense learning about the sector, from own experience, industry experts, science, and potentially drawing parallels from similar fields.

As you go later stage in venture investing and towards the realms of private equity and public equity investing, historical data grows in importance as the basis for analysis.

The number of late stage private equity or public equity investors writing about their investment thesis rises — see for example the classic “Intelligent Investor” by Ben Graham.Venture capital is thus linked with innovation high growth and profit.It provides the necessary feeling to convert the business ideas into the commercial venture.Venture capital is an important source of finance for those small and medium sized firms which have very few avenues for raising funds.Although such a business firm may possess a huge potential for earning large profits in the future and establish itself into a large enterprise.I would like to thank @justvideesha, @drosskamp, @simonschmincke and @benediktherles for the discussions, and especially @alexruppervc for their feedback.This article specifically looks at early stage investing.Venture means chance or Trial hinting at speculation to try ones luck that is good or bad involving risk.The term capital denotes the resources needed to start the enterprises. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data.9. Or vice versa pick traditional industry and research how founders having no technical background identified “blue ocean” and convinced vc guys to invest. Pick any hot hot tech industry and go deeper into it.


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