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No need to postal mail your completed work, simply upload to the Moodle system. program, completing your accelerated degree program can be accomplished in as little as 90-days.

Today many colleges and universities are providing the great benefit of PLA: Prior Learning Assessments, for their more experienced students, to translate lifetime learning experience into credits to be legitimately applied to degree programs.

NCU is providing this great benefit to all qualified students.

are offered with courses that build foundational blocks to allow students to easily move not only from one course to another, but also provide the incentive to move on towards the next level of degree studies after fulfilling core course requirements. Since online students study independently at their own pace, the Moodle online educational management system allows those that are motivated to complete their studies much sooner than in traditionally controlled programs. A Bachelor degree can be earned in 90-days or more depending on PLA: Prior Learning Assessment, your skill set and time management ability.

There are many degree program majors available for accelerated bachelor, master's and doctorate degree programs at NCU,. A Master's or Doctorate can be earned in 90-Days or less depending on your skill set and time management ability.

The student must complete 4-6 module credits beyond the Master's level through CIST.

In addition, the student is also required to complete a dissertation of at least 120-150 pages. Published literary works may be accepted in lieu of dissertation and or thesis upon review of our Dissertation/Thesis Committee. Depending on exemptions for prior credits or qualifications, students will take up to 30 credits of coursework.Any bachelor degree full qualifies a student to enroll in any master's or doctorate program at NCU.You will still master your degree major through your 2 major courses and thesis or dissertation requirements.Depending on your PLA: Prior Learning Assessment, a Masters can be completed by Thesis only and a Doctorate may be earned by Dissertation only, if qualified by appropriate educational documentation supporting the degree major..Students will work from the Moodle, a state of the art Course Management System used by major colleges and universities around the world.Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Doctorate Degree Programs, and Ph. Degree Programs are offered with courses that build foundational blocks to allow students to easily move not only from one course to another, but also provide the incentive to move on towards the next level of degree studies with accomplished core courses. We have a catalog of over more than 300 courses, most of which are not listed on our website.The courses are structured in a simple format to provide students basic understanding of the main principles allowing the students to move through their degree courses, and in turn their programs at a faster pace. Please contact us if you are interested in a particular course that you do not see listed here on our website.When the student has finished his/her academic modules or approved course material and completes a dissertation of 120-130 pages of research they will receive a Doctor of Ministry Degree.A Master's degree is required to enroll in this program. When a minister has completed at least 15 years ministry experience and willing to comply for evaluation and write his/her Ministry Project and or least 24 - 36 units home study assignments.. Transfer credit is not accepted into the Doctoral program.


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