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However, this study is countered by another study from the Union of Concerned Scientists showing that even in areas with high-pollution power plants, one mile of driving in a plug-in EV is only marginally worse than one mile of driving a very fuel-efficient gas-burning car.In most parts of the country, the power-plant infrastructure produces rates of carbon emissions for EV driving far superior to that of any gas-burning car. Nearly 140,000 of those vehicles have been battery-only, eschewing any combustion engine for a ride powered exclusively by electricity.

However, this study is countered by another study from the Union of Concerned Scientists showing that even in areas with high-pollution power plants, one mile of driving in a plug-in EV is only marginally worse than one mile of driving a very fuel-efficient gas-burning car.

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Wind and solar power combined to generate less than a 10th of 1% of America's electricity at the start of the 21st century, and the amount of solar power generated in the United States has been doubling in virtually every month for the past four years.

If this trend continues, before the end of the decade solar power will be generating two-thirds as much electricity as nuclear plants do today, and half as much electricity as natural-gas-burning plants.

Neither of those brands are (at least currently) designed for Joe Six-Pack in Peoria.

The "EVs cost too much" argument loses even more water when refueling is taken into account.

Electric cars have been around for more than a century, and optimists have predicted their dominance for nearly as long. Over time, many of the core drawbacks of EVs could be eliminated entirely.

These figures are a lot more impressive than the 1,117 EV1s GM produced before shutting that project down, but battery-only electrics and plug-in hybrids combined still represent less than one-half of 1% of all American vehicle sales since the start of 2011. They do come with certain drawbacks, and many skeptics have argued that these drawbacks will hold back EV adoption for many years, if not permanently. The technology is improving all the time, with every little breakthrough and every marginal gain.One recent breakthrough out of Singapore's Nanyang Technological University uses improvements on existing lithium-ion battery construction to gain charging speeds 20 times faster than what's currently possible.Another breakthrough from Japan promises similar improvements in charging speed using a different improvement to the same lithium-ion foundation. One of the most common practical complaints about electric cars is that they cost more than a comparable alternative. The cheapest new electric car on the market last year was the goofy-looking Mitsubishi i-Mi EV subcompact, which retailed for about ,000 before any rebates or tax credits.Since virtually every plug-in vehicle is eligible for at least ,500 in tax credits (the credit tops out at ,500 and grows based on the vehicle's battery capacity), 10 of the 15 new EVs available to American consumers are actually cheaper than the average gas-burning new car.Most Americans can't buy a new Tesla, but most Americans can't buy a new Maserati, either.The average car in the United States is on the road for only 40 miles each day, and only 7% of the cars in the country travel more than 100 miles in a given day.Battery technology research has pushed hard toward faster charging times as well as greater storage capacities.You wouldn't want to enter any EVs in an endurance race against gas-powered cars.The average new vehicle sold last year averaged 24.1 miles per gallon, and many cars can hold at least 12 gallons of gas, which works out to a typical minimum range of about 290 miles. Tesla was the first car company to really break out of that 100-mile range restriction, and it's done so by lashing together huge numbers of small mass-market battery cells similar to those found in laptops.This argument relies on one study conducted at North Carolina State University, which claims that EVs and hybrid vehicles wouldn't reduce America's polluting air emissions even if EVs and hybrids made up 42% of all passenger vehicles in the country.The study claims that the lack of direct emissions from EVs would be offset by increased emissions from power plants that generate the electricity necessary to power them.


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