Thesis Statement On Federalism

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Similarly, Lord Acton, wary of absolute power, thought that “by multiplying the centers of government and discussion [federalism becomes] . On the other hand, Dean Roscoe Pound saw federalism as the only way for governing a large country of continental extent, like the United States, by which national policies can be fully realized by permitting regional variations according to local needs.

The effective administration of a continental domain was another purpose of federalism.

Give the adoption of the state constitution three years.

Each state must also have its own government, consisting of legislative, executive, and judicial branches, and hold elections for some of its officials.

The complaint is that the power given to local governments is so little that they have failed to realize their fullest development as self reliant communities.

With respect to public finance, the share of LGUs in the revenue from taxes, fees and charges collected by the government is fixed at 60-40 percent in favor of the central government.Give the organization of the government of the state another three years.Each state will have to have its own court system, with the jurisdiction of each court clearly defined, and provide for appeals to the National Supreme Court in some cases.Curiously, the ten-year period is similar to the ten-year transition period given by America to Filipinos before the grant of independence to them.When well-meaning leaders doubted whether ten years would be sufficient to prepare Filipinos for independence, President Quezon said dismissively, “I prefer a government run like hell by Filipinos to a government run like heaven by Americans.” But can we dismiss apprehensions about changing the system of government when it also calls for changing the mindset and habits of thinking of people who for over a 100 years have not known of any regime but unitary system?The state governments will take charge of local matters like peace and order, trade and commerce, taxation, natural resources, etc.It will be splitting the atom of sovereignty in order to produce several nuclei, this can be done in ten years?In 1944, the British government tried to organize them (except Singapore) into a single state, the Malayan Union, but strong opposition forced it to abandon the plan.Instead, on February 1, 1948 the Federation of Malaya, which later became the present Federation of Malaysia, was formed.Take for example the Bicol Region, is it ready for statehood? This is necessary to give the states a sense that they are directors of their own political will and their political destiny.The state constitution should be prepared and approved by the local population in a plebiscite.


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