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We’ll tell you what you can do to write a much better essay and give you advice on how to approach writing a winning piece.

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Paragraph 3: During my first semester, I have come to realize the influence a community has on my learning and growth.

At Central State, the campus is active from around eleven in the morning until three in the afternoon, Monday through Friday.

That is, if you’re writing a non-school-specific Common Application main essay, much of your essay will discuss why your current school isn’t your best fit.

On the other hand, your school-specific “why” transfer essay must focus on the aspects of that particular school that align with your needs or the type of college experience that you seek.

The essay here includes reasons for transferring to a specific four-year school, Northern State. Nor has it interfered with my involvement in extracurricular activities.

Many colleges and universities now use the Common Application for transfer applications, requiring transfer applicants to write a Common Application essay describing the reasons for transferring and to also write several school-specific supplement essays. My first semester has been a time of transition as it is for most college freshmen.Having experienced a year of college and dorm life, I am more aware of what is best for me.As a transfer student, I would appreciate this style of living even more.Paragraph 2: Sociologist Lev Vygotsky believed that peers play a major role in an individual’s development and learning.The students and friends with whom I grew up were extraordinarily bright, competitive, and creative.Avoid sounding overly negative about your current school because you don’t want to badmouth any school.Despite its positive aspects, this paragraph lacks concrete details.In this post, we analyze an essay example excerpted from College Admission Essays for Dummies by Geraldine Woods to complement the example for the University of Pennsylvania that we’ve previously critiqued.The essay we’ll analyze here leaves a lot of room for improvement, though it has many positive aspects.The prompt for this essay wasn’t included, but it was probably for a school-specific essay. Making decisions regarding course selection, seeking advice from advisors, and utilizing time efficiently have all been part of the process, accomplished at a distance from the familiar support structures and cues of both home and high school.We’ll critique the essay as is and explain parts that might fit into the Common Application essay or a school-specific essay. As a result, I have developed a greater sense of myself and my abilities, both academic and social. However, with all due introspection and now retrospection, I feel a change is necessary.


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