University Of Reading Dissertation Binding

The University receives a commission for any purchases made from Hollingworth and Moss Ltd via this website.

The majority of our stores offer a binding services for binding of essays, dissertations, reports, booklets etc.

Next day and 2 days binding service brought in before 12pm will be ready 1 or 2 working days later at the same time 5 hours and 2 hours binding service can be taken during any working hours and do not include time for printing.

On busy days we cannot guarantee printing for a same-day service sent by email.

Please note that printing work which is not being paid for by the University (i.e.

by purchase order) must be paid for on placement of order, unless by prior agreement, and that there is a minimum charge of £2.00 per transaction (£3.00 for credit or debit card transactions).

In bookbinding this direction is vitally important. One half of each endpaper is glued to the inside front and back covers of the book.

Imagine a sheet of corrugated cardboard – it bends very easily in one direction and not the other. Rounding The process of hammering the spine into a convex shape.

We inspect each document before we ship it out, giving you peace of mind that it has been quality will be excellent and we don’t skimp on the paper either.

You have a variety of delivery options too, including Next-day delivery with a 1 hour window.


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