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Even the rhyme is strictly patterned, in AABBA pattern for the first and third stanzas, and the same two rhyming sounds used throughout the poem instead of changing from stanza to stanza.

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This paper examines masculinity in The Sport of the Gods. Philosophical concepts about sacred relate not only to places such as the shrines of gods that are sanctimonious but also extend to clothes, grails and texts such as the Vedas in Hindu, Quran in Islam and Bible in Christianity.

Dunbar wrote frequently and candidly about the life of the Negro of nineteenth century America, and knowing this one quickly begins to realize that “We Wear the Mask” is also about the black experience of that time.

This broaches the thesis that “We Wear the Mask” is not only a poem that employs a metaphor, but is itself a metaphor, disguising the specific issue of racism and prejudice within the larger issue of the universal human tendency to hide behind pretensions.

The concealment is therefore of the oppressed people’s own volition, self-imposed even while they suffer the torment. What emerged is that the reviews published in 1948 and the more recent material from re-release on DVD by......

Dunbar only hints at the reason in lines 6 to 9, preferring to leave the world guessing without fully knowing their vulnerabilities. Culture Wear Culture is a set of values, beliefs and ideas that a person identifies with.


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