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This relationship parallels how the contemporary genre, ergodic literature, manipulates its medium to influence its reader.In this genre, a text requires the reader to directly interact with it in order to extract a meaning, thus creating a dynamic relationship between text and reader.

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I argue that Prospero uses the knowledge of and power over the Green World that his playwright status confers to stimulate the development of maturity and independence in Miranda and Ferdinand by simulating the patriarchal opposition typical of conventional Green World comedies.

I also observe that Prospero’s metatheatrical knowledge and power give him the ability to end the play’s superposition of comic and tragic modes in order to secure a satisfactory ending for his own story.

Works like Vladimir Nabakov’s Pale Fire (1962) and Mark Z.

Danielewski’s House of Leaves (2000) are more conventional expressions of this genre.

Hans Martin Eric Callé An Invented Land: The Applicability of J. Forty-six years after the publication of the final book, Peter Jackson took on the task of adapting this ambitious story into the film format.

This thesis seeks to tackle the relationship between Jackson’s trilogy and its written predecessor, deciphering whether Jackson, with his use of film—in itself a different medium with unique tools and limitations—is able to accomplish a secondary world as Tolkien describes it.Yet Herbert believed that the Quileute were not “war-like enough” to maintain sovereignty in the face of colonial aggression, and thus Herbert’s Fremen are violently fighting their own war for sovereignty on Arrakis.Where the Quileute have lost the Fremen seem to win, ending the novel by taking Arrakis from their colonial superpower.Analyzing Marthe, the unnamed super-intendant of schools, and Cecilia C.is crucial to understanding the subjugation of women and femininity within this patriarchal society, and the evidence found in these women’s experience of systemic gender oppression is applicable to Cincinnatus’s own experiences because of his feminized role in the novel.As a result, in recategorizing news, I demonstrate the dynamic relationship between newscasters and their audiences and the role genre plays in connecting them.Sarah Cate Baker When Violence is the ‘Answer’: Pathways to Indigenous Freedom in Frank Herbert’s Dune and the Pacific Northwest’s Quileute Directed by Laura Dassow Walls Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel Dune is known worldwide as an iconic work of science fiction.I identify areas in which postcolonial interpretations are weak or problematic, including their eliding of the complexity of The Tempest’s characters in order to better fit them into postcolonial archetypes and their frequent and troubling dependence upon the objectification and denial of agency of Miranda. Tolkien’s classic tale The Lord of the Rings is its ability to generate what Tolkien calls a “sub-creation of a secondary world.” The trilogy dispels a single linear story for a webbed plot in which the characters are understood in the context of the world itself rather than the other way around.I conclude that in order for criticism of The Tempest to do justice to such a multifaceted play, it must be diverse and engage with a variety of ideas outside of the postcolonial/anti-postcolonial axis. Tolkien’s “Secondary World” Concept in The Lord of the Rings from the Page to the Screen Directed by Tim Machan Central to the success and differentiation of J. In other words, it may be stated that The Lord of the Rings is not a story about the central protagonists at all, but rather about the constantly evolving world surrounding them.The Fremen were inspired by a real-world indigenous tribe, the Quileute of the Pacific Northwest, a fact that is largely unknown.For most of his life Frank Herbert was close friends with Quileute Howard Hansen, author of his own novel on Quileute culture and philosophy, Twilight on the Thunderbird.


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