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It’s necessary though to ensure what you write is purposeful and effective. The next challenge, then, is to decide which ones to write about, and from which angle. Or, start by asking a few questions: Before you get too far along, you might decide a different format would work better to reach your audience and achieve your goals.

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If you have access to publically-available information, so does your competition.

Original research you produced yourself, however, is uniquely powerful.

That’s because too many white papers are thoughtlessly churned out with an assembly-line mentality.

Ever download something called a “white paper” that was actually a thin and poorly-disguised sales brochure? In this post, you’ll learn how to write white papers that don’t suck.

So, your headline should hit each of the following checkboxes: Once you’ve hooked a reader’s attention with your intro, you’ll want to keep it.

So, make sure each section delivers on the promises you made in your introduction.While there are some similarities, writing a white paper isn’t quite like writing a blog post, case study, research report, grocery list, or … It’s decidedly it’s own animal and should be treated as such.White papers should be: Your headline is the first thing that will sell your white paper to your audience.Here are just a few benefits to original research: We’ve done a lot of things so far. Mostly, though, we’ve spent our time getting ready to write. You’re now staring down an intense and involved project.If you’re writing in an industry where you’re not a subject matter expert, then your preparation (outlining, researching, and working with internal or client SMEs) is going to be even more important. Flex those fingers, tap into your inner Hemingway, and let’s knock this thing out. We’ve touched on this a little earlier, but it’s worth repeating here.Before you jump into writing, you have some planning to do. Ideally, your organization or agency should have an idea who your target audiences and customers are. Once you’ve identified your audience, think about what kinds of information they need from you.Sure, this takes time off from actually producing the work. Secondarily, you might also tie that back into your own products or services. When you know what problems to solve, you’ve got a purpose for your white paper.Depending on what you’re covering, you might get by with nothing more than Google and your company’s own insights.If you want to take things to the next level, though, you’ll need to do deeper research. Industry research reports can provide an excellent data-backed foundation for your content.Seek out research groups (such as calls itself a “computational knowledge engine.” What does that mean?It’s a search engine for facts and data with calculation functionality built in.


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