Why Are Critical Thinking Skills Important

Why Are Critical Thinking Skills Important-48
For higher education institutions in particular, when you are being assessed against dropout, graduation, and job placement rates, where does a course in critical thinking skills fit into the mix?

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Today, there are numerous underhanded tactics to keep people away from the polls. When you talk about mind control people think of the twilight zone or of crazed, wild-eyed conspiracy theorists.

The fact of the matter, however, is that anything that can get people to think in certain directions can be seen as mind control.

Today, your role as the researcher appears to take a back seat to the perceived value of the topic and the extent to which the results of the study will be cited around the world.

Due to financial pressures and a growing tendency of risk aversion, studies are increasingly going down the path of applied research rather than basic or pure research.

In addition, certain states have gone out of their way to enact laws that suppress the vote among certain populations.

African Americans, for instance, have faced many barriers in this regard.

Politicians are notorious for using negative ads or just downright lying in order to influence people to vote for them and their causes.

The reason negative ads are so effective has to do with EMOTIONS, and emotion determines the direction that the mind takes.

The United States is always touted as being a democracy, which means that everyone should be able to participate in the political process. Voting is important because every citizen, no matter how wealthy, has ONLY ONE VOTE.

The advantage that the wealthy seem to have, however, is that they can use their money to influence a larger number of people, i.e., to reach more hearts and minds.


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