Winnie The Pooh Thesis

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Eeyore is consistently having his world crash on him — literally with his home falling apart — and he struggles very hard to rebuild it.Giphy Rabbit is often the more tightly-wound and particular friend who is obsessed with keeping his garden in order.

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His over-obsession with honey and willingness to do whatever it takes to get honey — including putting himself in danger — exhibits signs of impulsivity to obsessive fixations. Piglet is Pooh Bear's sidekick and often deemed the “worry-wart" of the group.

He's anxious and fearful, always questioning their adventures.

If you have children, or even if you don't and you just plain love Disney (like me and my son), I highly recommend Pooh.

It will really cheer you up when you are feeling bad, so I really recommend this movie (you won't be sorry you bought it!

Many people with ADHD act without thinking, which describes how Tigger is constantly finding trouble., pessimistic friend who is usually covered by clouds.

His house is built of sticks and is constantly being destroyed and then rebuilt again.

His catchphrase, “Thanks for noticing," indicates his low self-esteem.

His character obviously suffers from depression; his reluctance to go along with the group and a preference for being alone displays his introverted personality.

He goes nuts when the opening comes on (even though only Pooh's right arm and leg are seen). Unfortunately, I dread the very last story, because he cries because the movie is over, and that means the end of the movie.

He watches it so much, I have to have a second copy!


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