World Peace Essay

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from Jamaica in Kristi Halpern's New York cluster submitted an original poem that has been chosen as the winner for this year's Peace Day Contest. You set your soul at ease when you are surrounded by the beauty of nature, it's so calm and peaceful.

"Dreams of Peace" My unborn child, I hope that, When you crawl into bed at night, You dream of peace in the world When I kiss and give [...]Below is a picture I believe best describes peace. Only sounds of chipmunks running around and birds [...]Freedom for me is exactly what I am having right now in this exchange program: Freedom for me means that you are able to visit places wherever you want to go to.

These forms of essays send string messages based on whatever you decide to capture.

A better way to approach this is to appeal to the reader's sensation.

This a select type of essay where you'll be explaining the scenes that took place during a specific event involving world peace.

You'll have to assume the first persona narration for it to come out clearly.To win here, you need to drop the approach of telling a story and instead switch to showing them what took place. Like in this case, as a writer, you'll have to conduct a survey on world peace and present the information gathered.Such essays on world peace can be quite demanding at times as they require some in-depth knowledge on the topic.Find a way to get to their senses and intrigue them using some of the literary practices you could afford.Get the reader involved in what you're describing; make him/her feel like they are at that given place at that given time.But then again, are you familiar with some of the tricks involved?Well, if you not then this is the right guide for you to help you get your world peace essay to wherever you wished it to be.This requires the use of some aspects of literature that are hooking and indulging.A well-crafted descriptive world peace essay explaining an event that took place sometime back would get the reader feeling like they were part of the scenes that took place.An article is a small composition that shows the writer's angle of view based on the subject in question.Most times you'd find it relating to other papers or articles.


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