Writing A Thesis Statement And Powerpoint

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However, I have found that when trying to communicate a main idea or purpose via email, it is best to be clear and direct. The basic ideas for writing an email that needs to communicate a main idea follows here for memo writing: Be clear, concise, and direct.

I would only add the following for a memo: Provide some sort of introduction for your reader.

However, this blog post will take you through three main mediums where you may be writing a thesis statement in order to help you draw parallels across the mediums.

The goal of this blog post is for you to take the tools outlined here and apply them wherever you will be communicating your thesis statement.

You may be communicating your main idea via an email, memo, white paper, or presentation.

As a result of the various ways you may communicate your thesis statement, there is no one way to “write” a thesis statement.

Nancy Duarte, author of , wrote about the power of visual information in helping clarify your main ideas.

She makes the argument that “to succeed as a presenter, you must think like a designer” (p. In this, she means that you have to think about your audience and successfully communicate complicated ideas in intuitive and appealing ways.

While this isn’t necessarily the same thing as crafting a clear, concise, and direct thesis statement, having the thesis statement is requisite to creating a compelling and intuitive presentation.

See Nancy Duarte speak more about her ideas in this TED talk.


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